Established in 1992, My Travel Agent, Inc. was opened in Forest Hills, New York as a full service travel agency dedicated to quality and reliability while offering good value on travel.

Over the years, travel to Israel has become our specialty due to the experience of owner and manager, Joseph Feit. Having worked in Israel oriented agencies for over 15 years, Joe found the time right to place his own touch on how travel to Israel was sold.

Our sales philosophy, "Experience, Patience, Price", allows our clients the benefit of many years of selling and travel to Israel and the chance to consider our offerings without any pressure.

Now, with the establishment of the internet as a valuable selling tool, we felt the time was right to make our product available on the world wide web. "Israel To Go" is our foray into this new world of commerce as a subsidiary of My Travel Agent, Inc.

With the input of many of our clients, we designed this site with the end user in mind. Rather than just displaying our prices and letting you figure them out, we've developed an extensive database that will offer you prices for what you want - not what you don't!

Any reservation requested via our website will be confirmed if available within one business day. If not available, your choice can be waitlisted or alternatives will be offered.

Contact us with any questions or suggestions. If it's in Israel, it's in "Israel To Go".

Go ahead! Explore our site!

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